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Redneck Gifts has consulted professional "Rednecks" from all over the country to bring you the essence of the genuine Redneck in our unique Redneck gifts collection. In our research, we found Rednecks come in many different images, but they all have a common bond... proud to be Redneck!

We will continue our quest for unique Redneck gifts. We will turn over every trailer, and stagger through acres of backwoods to bring you the very best Redneck products and Redneck snacks available by law.

Nancy Borgnine (Ernest Borgnine's daughter) says "I think your redneck gift ideas are just great and would definitely be a wonderful addition to our Celebrity Gift Bags. I was laughing out loud while viewing your site."

No rodents have
been injured in
the making of this

Emmy Awards was chosen to be in the official celebrity gift bags for the NBC Pre-Emmy Party on August 26th, 2006.

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